Our Approach

OmniPsi Consulting was established in 2009 to help organisations manage their talents. We are a team of psychologists with a wealth of experience in working with individuals, teams and organisations in the areas of coaching, executive selection, assessment and development, career transitioning, and workplace intervention. 

Omnipsi Consulting Services

Omnipsi Consulting exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. Our approach is to tailor-make each service to meet the requirements of our clients. Our broad range of services and solutions help individuals and organisations to facilitate change, achieve their vision and optimise performance and productivity. We have experience working with clients in Asia and Europe.

Executive Coaching

Our coaching programme is tailor-made and can be conducted in an intensive one-on-one format or group setting.  Coaching is a journey and we believe that it evolves organically. Our coaches are here to provide you with support to help you navigate through the coaching process. Our coaches are here to help you to become a better version of yourself.

Executive Selection, Assessment and Development

Organisations frequently find it difficult to find the right talents. To help them attract, select, assess and develop talents, we adopt an evidence-based and robust methodology. We will develop and design programmes to suit your needs and will use reliable and valid psychometric tools to assist in the selection, assessment and development of talents.

Career Transition

We have years of experience in helping people transition into their careers. We provide various types of career transition programmes to suit individuals. We will help individuals swiftly transition their careers and provide guidance and support in their transition journey. We will provide advice on CV writing, job search, interview preparation, acceptance of job offers and negotiations.

Workplace Intervention

Workplace toxicity can be detrimental to both employees and organisations. The impacts can be manifold. With expertise in dealing with workplace conflicts and workplace negative acts, our consultants are available to assist organisations in various ways. This can include issue diagnosis, advice on policy and intervention protocols.

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