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Expert Guidance

Many organizations are now adopting assessment and development centers to recognize talented individuals and high potentials. By collaborating with these organizations and identifying key competencies for these assessments, we can establish a structured and thorough approach to identifying talented individuals.


Our assessors are all highly trained in assessment methodologies, and we offer both one-on-one and group assessment sessions.


A Tailor-Made Approach

Coaching is a process that requires your active participation. Your ICF Certified Coach will provide guidance and act as your sounding board. They will challenge you to ensure beneficial results and changes in the coaching process. Since every client is different, we use a systematic approach to identify coaching needs. We provide tailor-made coaching sessions that can be conducted either in a one-on-one or group scenario. To ensure the best results, we recommend a minimum of two sessions per month over three months, with each session lasting two hours. Depending on the issues identified, longer coaching sessions may be necessary. If you prefer less traditional coaching, Omnipsi now offers e-coaching.

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A Comprehensive Approach

At times, working with others can lead to conflicts and miscommunications. If these situations are left unaddressed, negative behaviors can arise. We offer consultation services to both individuals and organizations on how to manage negative behaviors in the workplace.


We will conduct a thorough diagnosis and present our findings, enabling appropriate follow-up steps to be taken. We will provide guidance on implementing policies and organizational processes, and we will develop intervention programs to reduce or mitigate negative behaviors in the workplace.


The Next Chapter

Organisations may have to make the tough decision of letting employees go due to economic uncertainties and restructuring. We understand the difficulties that come with such transitions and can offer support from the initial announcement stage to help employees during the transition. Our Career Transition programs are tailored to meet individual needs and can last from one month to one year. These programs are designed to provide the right mindset and tools for individuals to succeed in their career search.

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The Success Path

Employees require continuous challenges and opportunities to learn and grow. To ensure success, organizations must provide their employees with relevant training that enables them to develop into experts. When the workforce is equipped with knowledge and given opportunities to improve, they become efficient, productive, and valuable contributors to the organization. Our training and development programs are custom-tailored to each individual organization.

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