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Expert Guidance

More and more organisations are turning to the use of assessment and development centres to identify talents and high potentials.  Working closely with organisations to identify core competencies for these assessments will enable a structured and rigorous way to identify talents.

We only use assessors who are well trained in the methodologies of assessment. All forms of assessment can be conducted in 1 on 1 or group sessions.


A Tailor-Made Approach

Coaching is a process that involves active participation from you. Your ICF Certified Coach is there to provide guidance and act as your sounding board.  Your coach will be there to challenge you. Your commitment is paramount to ensuring beneficial results and changes from the coaching process. As each client is different, we use a systematic way to identify coaching needs. Coaching sessions are tailor-made and can be done either in a 1 on 1 or group scenario. To ensure that clients benefit from our sessions, a minimum of two sessions per month over three months, with two hours per session, is encouraged. Depending on the issues identified, longer coaching sessions may be needed. If you are looking for less traditional face to face coaching, Omnipsi now offers e-coaching.

Business Meeting
Campaign Pitch


A Comprehensive Approach

Sometimes working with others can create unwanted conflicts and miscommunication. When such situations are not dealt with, negative acts can occur. We are able to provide consultation to both organisations and individuals on how to deal with negative acts at work.

We will conduct a diagnosis and present our findings to enable appropriate follow-on steps to be taken. We will advise on the implementation of policy, organisational processes and we will design intervention programmes to reduce or mitigate negative acts at work.


The Path to Success

Economic uncertainties and restructuring make organisations take the hard decision to let employees go. We are able to assist organisations in the process of such transitions by offering support from the initial stage of the announcement and by helping employees during the transition. Career Transition programmes can range from a minimum of one month to one year depending on the level of support needed. All programmes are designed to help and equip the individual with the right mindset and tools in their career search.

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