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Bullying in the workplace


Have you been a victim of bullying in the workplace? Some people think that bullying only occurs in school, they can be so wrong. Bullying in the workplace is a complex but real phenomenon. For starters, bullying in the workplace can be from a supervisor to employee, colleagues between colleagues or even organisations against their own employees. There are various manifestations of bullying. For example, it can be when you are being forced to do things that might not be in your work remit or against your professional standing.  Being bullied over the cyberspace at work is another.

Unfortunately, research on bullying in the workplace has only been done in the last 2 decades, there is still no common agreement of the definition, and this means it cannot be legally defined. So what should victims of such workplace incivility do? If you feel that you are being bullied at work, you need to address it. Talk to your line manager or HR department and ensure that measures are in place to prevent further bullying. Organisations can also take an active role in ensuring that bullying behaviours do not take place in the workplace. For example, have clear policies on bullying in the workplace and use selection techniques to identify potential bullies before you employ them.

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